Posted by: gulftexoperating | November 25, 2009

Energy sector Jobs hold up part of the economy.

In this period of economic strife for a large portion of the nation and world, everyone is looking for the bright spots. The energy industry has seen a new revival, not only from the new green energy technologies available, but the Oil and Gas Industry has continued to add jobs to the economy. Many people outside the industry have looked on with disdain because of the rise in fuel and energy prices over the last few years. Now that prices have stabilized, although higher, and green energy is growing by leaps and bounds, the negative stigma is lessening.  Even independent Oil and Gas companies like Gulftex Operating, Inc. are increasing their activities. Now let’s take a look at a bright spot in today’s economy.

With the potential of nearly 2 million new jobs in the Alternative Energy Industry ( from ) you can see how the news is affecting how we as Americans view the energy sector. Oil prices have stabilized; Natural Gas prices have seen their bottom and are slowly on the rise. Demand for energy worldwide is on the increase. So the U.S. is betting their economic future on being the supplier of Alternative Energy technologies. The Oil and Gas industry giants are positioning themselves to take advantage of Natural Gas fields, so they are ready for the future demand increase.  Even independents like Gulftex Operating, Inc. are increasing their activities. All this activity will keep this sector moving into the profitable future.

To see another side of the oil and gas industry from exploration to production you can check out Gulftex Operating Inc . and its Sister company TBX Resources, Inc. of Dallas TX – see a link below.

Sister company TBX resources


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